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About the project

  • What is an initiative?

    The initiative is your idea published on the platform and solving social problems. The initiative serves as a tool to attract socially active people who support your idea. Initiatives might be different.

    The platform covers seven categories of initiatives like Ecology, Health, Animals etc. Choose a category and create the initiative that will be helpful in this area.

  • Publish initiatives
  • Small money
  • What is “Small Money“?

    We use “Small Money” as a virtual currency to donate to the initiative. Exchange real money into “Small Money” and keep control of your donations. The exchange rate is 1Coin icon = 1$. The smallest investment is 5 small money. At first glance, really small amount. But together we can gather a big amount for helpful initiatives! If you want to help an initiative you like, buy “Small Money” and contribute! Then you can easily check how much “Small Money“ is being invested into your featured initiative.

    Note, that it is not required to make donations. You may use this platform for free by posting and following initiatives.

  • What is Small Steps?

    Small steps is another way you can support initiative besides donations. A small step is your action that logically enforces any initiative. The important thing is to prove your "Small Steps" and share the photo report with some explanation of what you have done. For example, your friend created an initiative to plant trees in New York. You can support his initiative and add Small steps by planting a few trees in Manhattan.

    Do not forget to attach photos of your job or provide other proof.

  • About steps

Guide to using Platform

This is an instruction that will tell you in detail how the Small steps works. Our team is awaiting your actions. Go ahead and create your first initiative!

  • Account creating

    Create an account

    Сreate account and get access to publish your own initiatives, follow other initiatives, and make donations

  • Account creating

    Create an initiative

    Do you have any ideas, suggestions, initiatives that can do good? This is exactly the platform that will help proactive people to tell about it.

    All you need for publishing - is to register on the site and filling out the initiative form

  • Support project

    Add small step

    Look for initiatives that motivate you and join them. Take your own small step! The search for initiatives is supplemented by filters of categories, locations, etc., which will make this process fast and user-friendly.

    It should be noted that we do not publish initiatives that contain advertising.

  • Social sharing

    Donate Small Money

    You obtain your own Small Money wallet and top up the balance with real money. Choose your featured initiative and donate.

    Users can check how much Small Money had been invested into an initiative.

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